Invited Talks

  • Nov 2023: Very Large Language Models: Self-Updating Inferences On-The-Fly, Microsoft Bing

  • Dec 2022: Semantic Understanding: Interaction Tracking in long form data, NIST

  • Jun 2022: Panel on Industry Research, Columbia University

  • Jun 2022: NLP and Localization, Custom MT

  • Dec 2021: Semantic Inference on Multimodal long form movie datasets, NIST

  • Jun 2019: Skipping dense models: ‘Deeper look at Deep Nets’, AI4Retail Conference, New York City


  • Apr 2018: Tracking language contexts and scaled errors, eBay, New York City


Quick Pick

  • Sep 2018: Power of Spark & Cloud for Big Data, with Professor Ching-Yung Lin, Columbia University